I am not sure if „grammar“ is the best title for this post, but what I mean is that you should simply decide how you want to write stuff. So if your slide title is “Many projects fail due to a lack of Change Management”, the title of your next slide should not be something like: “Change Management – Main reasons”. You see the difference? The first title is a proper sentence, the second one isn’t. It’s a reduction, more like a keyword. Another example: If you have a text box with the header “Five steps to a successful change network”, the text in the box should not read like

1. Identification of Change Agents

2. Ask Change Agents for participation

3. Invite Change Agents for kick-off event

4. Realization of kick-off event

5. Communicate with Change Agents on a regular basis

See what’s wrong here? The first and the fourth bullet point begin with a noun (Identification, Realization) while the others begin with a verb. Again, it’s all about consistency. Select a style and then stick to it.