Bullet points

Bulletpoints. A somewhat insignificant topic at first glance, and yet I could go on for hours about the right and wrong usage of bullet points. But I will try my best and stick to the most important aspects.

Indent: The most important thing about bulletpoints. Indent the text! It freaks me out when I see bulletpoints cheek to cheek with the text right next to it. It also freaks me out when I see a number of bulletpoints in a textbox and the text next to it has different spacings – oh my god! So please: Indent the text and ALWAYS use the same spacing between the bulletpoint and the text. How do you do that? NOT by hitting the space key! This is how beginners do it and it leads to inconsistent spaces. Instead, use the ruler function.

Shape: Bulletpoints should be rectangular or ball-shaped, minus signs/hyphens are also ok. Not ok are star-shaped bulletpoints or triangular ones, not to mention other strange shapes

Color: Bulletpoints should be the same color as the font or the same color as the title textbox (go to post “Text boxes” to see what I mean by “title textbox”). Any other colors are not acceptable.

Size: I recommend 75 to 100% of the font size.

Check the following examples:

Powerpoint in style – Bullet points


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