Do I need this?

Well, you probably do NOT need this site…

…if you are an experienced management consultant working with Powerpoint on a daily basis. As a senior consultant for McKinsey or The Boston Consulting Group, you will apply 99% of the tips and tricks presented here anyway

…if you are a graphic designer, work in advertising or have any other kind of very “creative” job. You will probably have your own standards that are specific to your job / industry and which won’t necessarily match the rules and advice given here

…if you don’t use Powerpoint in a business context, but rather in an informal, maybe private context on an infrequent basis. You want to create a fancy, colorful presentation for grandpas’ birthday? Fine, go nuts! You certainly don’t need this site for this

…if you don’t give a damn about how your Powerpoint presentations look like :-)


You should, however, definitely take a closer look at this site…

…if you are a student and need to create convincing and compelling Powerpoint presentations (e.g. for giving talks)

…if you start into your first job and work in a position in which you frequently use Powerpoint in a business context (this is, of course, especially applicable if you work for a consulting company or in any other job that requires intensive use of Powerpoint)

…if you are an experienced Powerpoint user but sometimes have the feeling that maybe your presentations are lacking the final 5-10% to make them really look good

…if you don’t use Powerpoint on a frequent basis (therefore lacking training and experience) but really want to learn and improve your skills by looking at how the “pros” do it

…if you need a really professional presentation from time to time or for special occasions (e.g. as a guest lecturer or for an important speech)