What’s the difference?

You will find thousands of sites all over the internet which offer some kind of Powerpoint advice.

But what distinguishes Powerpoint in Style from all the other sites out there? 

The huge difference is that this site does not focus on technical advice (where do I find which button on the menu?) or on providing you with some pre-configurated background designs euphemistically called “templates” (most of them completely useless for business presentations). Neither does this site give you the same old commonplace tips like “memorize your first five sentences by heart to make sure you start off smoothly” or “never use a font size smaller than 24 so that everybody will be able to read your text”….yawn…

This site is not supposed to tell you where to find which button and it will not repeat the same bromides like all the other sites. The truth is, you can stick to all of those rules and your presentation still looks gruesome. Why? Because all of those self-proclaimed “guides” and “manuals” out there don’t tell you what it really takes to create awesome Powerpoint slides. They focus on the technical stuff, but not on style.

And this is exactly what Powerpoint in Style does. Check out the Powerpoint style guide and learn everything you need to know about building stylish, elegant slides. Get the editable, ready-to-go Powerpoint templates and make your life even easier by having everything you need right at your fingertips.