Do not overload your slides!

Many slides suffer from a disease which could be labelled “information overload” or “message overload”. This disease manifests itself as a heap of information on one single slide and is a desperate attempt to mention each and every aspect that might be somewhat important. Unfortunately, the desired effect will change to the opposite: Instead of getting (and remembering) lots of information, the audience will be confused and overwhelmed and will sooner or later disconnect from you and your presentation.

So instead of mentioning everything that comes to your mind, carefully choose one or two (max. three) core messages that you want to bring across. The ideas on storyline might help you with this. Once you know your core messages, put them on your slide in a structured way and enforce the messages by the skillful use of shapesvisual elements and pictures. Sometimes, less is more…and remember, if you are going to present your slides to an audience, you even need fewer information on your slides since you will be able to transport many things verbally.