Header and Footer

Every presentation needs a frame. Like a picture frame, the frame of a presentation provides guidance and stability for the content in its center. That’s why a good presentation should have a visible upper and lower border, or in other words, a header and a footer.

When designing the header and the footer, the golden rule is to keep it clean and simple.

The ideal header is a plain-colored bar running from left to right with the title of the slide in it or a thick line with the title above it. Please don’t play around with curvy, rolling headers and please don’t overload them with information. The logo of your company, for example, can be placed on the title page – you don’t need to put it on every single slide. If you must, make it small and restrained.

The ideal footer is a thin line running from left to right with some text (e.g. copyright details) and the page number below it.

Click below for examples of good and bad headers and footers.

Powerpoint in style – Header and footer


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