Powerpoint offers countless other options to use all kinds of effects to pimp your presentation – or, as I prefer to put it, to screw it up. Because that’s what most effects do – they contribute nothing, they distract from the things that are really important and they seem overdone or wanna-be. They are just unnecessary in stylish and professional presentations.

Glowing edges, soft edges, mirror effects, 3D-effects, text effects (like distorted or glowing letters), or, worst of all, Word Art (my, oh my…) – please just forget about it, you don’t need it. Trust me.

The only exception I can think of is to apply an effect on a picture or screenshot. In rare cases, this can be useful to make it stand out and really draw the audience’s attention to it. Please, only use it sparsely and only if you really want to highlight this picture and nothing else.

Check the following examples:

Powerpoint in style – Effects