Alignment and distribution

What is the most important function in Powerpoint? I am not sure, but the “Aligment” function is a good bet. There is nothing worse than objects that are not aligned. Text boxes that are supposed to be on the same level, but the left one is slightly lower than the right one? Three elements that are supposed to be distributed equally over the slide, but the distance between the left one and the middle one is slightly larger than the distance between the right one and the middle one? Oh, please, have mercy on me.

These unforgiveable mistakes happen when you try to adjust your elements manually and try to eyeball the alignment. But you can avoid this – actually, very easily. Just use the alignment (or distribution) function and Powerpoint will align your objects perfectly (select two or more elements, click on “Format”, click on “Align”). So please, use it and spare me and others the horror of non-aligned or badly distributed objects.